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Cosway 1810

My thanks to Penny Boumelha, Zannah Doan, Margaret Gibb & Paul Wolf for their support and suggestions as the site was emerging.

Thanks to lord Devon for giving the site a warm welcome and encouraging me to continue, and to Felicity Harper for introducing me to the Powderham Archive and tracking material on William’s life.




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Thanks also to Sarah More and St. John Courtenay III for sharing their research into William’s time in America, as well as thanks for their help to: staff at the Bodleian Libraries (Sam Lindley), Kent Archives (Jonathan Barker, Lara Joffe), Westminster’s Parliamentary Archives (Emily Bourne, Richard Ward) and Westminster School Archives (Elizabeth Wells).



Images (from the top)

Richard Cosway: William Courtenay in masquerade dress, c1790. (This painting hangs in the Music Room at Powderham Castle.)

Richard Cosway: William Courtenay, 1793. (This miniature is now in the collection of the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter, England.)

Richard Cosway: William Courtenay, c1810.

Jean-Baptiste-Jacques Augustin: William Courtenay, 1824.