People of his age

The people named below were born around the same time as William in the years 1757-79. Most of them lived in the lands where he lived or had property: England, France, Ireland and the United States of America. Each name has a link to further information (lord Leicester has two links). The list follows the sequence of deaths.


Theresa Villiers (died 1856) as a child with her brother John Parker


  • Juliette Récamier (died 1849)


Percy Jocelyn (died 1843)

William and his sisters were born in the years from 1763 to 1781 which made them close contemporaries of the children of queen Charlotte and king George III: six daughters and nine sons born from 1762 to 1783.


J. Vandenberg (lithographer); Thierry frères, Paris (publisher): Antoine Reicha on his death bed /File:Anton_Reicha_02.jpg

Jacques-Louis David: Madame Récamierécamier.jpg

Joshua Reynolds: John and Theresa Parker as children (detail). (Theresa married George Villiers.)

George Cruikshank: The Radical Ladder, 1821.

George Cruikshank: The Arse Bishop Josclin G a Soldier, 1822.

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