William’s obituaries, with notices of other deaths 2

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As well as three of William’s obituaries, these pages includes death notices or obituaries of family members and some significant others.

  1. William’s obituaries; death notices of his parents, sisters, brothers-in-law, and some of his nieces and nephews.
  2. Death notices of his aunts and uncles with their spouses, some of his cousins, and some significant others.

Aunts and uncles (with their spouses)

Charlotte (Courtenay >) Wedderburn

The Scots Magazine and Edinburgh Literary Miscellany | January 1805 | Deaths (January 2) | At his seat at Baylis, near Salthill, in Berkshire, aged 72, the Right Honourable Alexander Wedderburne, Earl of Roslyn, Baron of Loughborough, in Leicestershire, and Baron Loughborough in Surrey. His Lordship had been long subject to the gout; but for some weeks past he was so much recovered as to visit round the neighbourhood; and on Tuesday night, January 1st, accompanied the Countess to her Majesty’s fete at Frogmore. Next morning his Lordship rode on horseback, to visit several of the neighbouring gentlemen, and after his return to Baylis, went in his carriage to Bulstrode, to visit the Duke of Portland, and returned home, apparently in perfect health. At six o’clock, as his Lordship sat at table, he was suddenly seized with a fit of the apoplectic kind, and fell speechless in his chair. At twelve o’clock his Lordship expired.

His Lordship was born the 13th Feb. 1733, and married Dec. 31, 1767, Betty Anne, only daughter and sole heiress of John Dawson, Esq. of Morley, in Yorkshire, by whom, who died February 15, 1781, he had no issue. His second Lady, whom he married September 12, 1782, was the youngest daughter of William Viscount Courtenay, and aunt to the present Viscount Courtenay, by whom he had a son, born October 2, 1793, and since dead. His Lordship was appointed Solicitor-General Jan. 26, 1771, and Attorney-General June 18, 1778. On the 14th of June, 1789, he was created Baron Loughborough; made Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, and called to the Privy Council; in the year 1783, he was appointed First Commissioner for keeping the great Seal, and on January 27, 1793, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain. By a second patent, October 31, 1795, he was created Baron Loughborough, of Loughborough, in the county of Surrey, with remainders severally and successively to Sir James St Clair Erskine, Bart. and to John Erskine his brother; and by a patent, April 21, 1861, Earl of Roslyn, in the county of Mid-Lothian, to him and his heirs male, with remainder to the heirs male of dame Janet Erskine, deceased, his sister.—He is succeeded in the title by Sir James St Clair Erskine, Bart. his nephew.

His Lordship’s grandfather [ … ] married Mary, daughter of James Deas, of Cowdenknows, in Berwickshire, Esq. by whom he had Peter, the father of the late Earl of Roslyn [ … ] married Janet, daughter of Capt. David Ogilby, by whom, who died in 1771, he had two sons, Alexander, the late Earl of Roslyn, and David, a Brigadier-General, killed at the reduction of Baroach, in Bombay, Dec. 31, 1773; and one daughter, Janet, married to Sir Henry Erskine of Alva, Bart. [ … ]

On Saturday the 12th, at seven o’-clock, his Lordship’s remains were removed from Baylis, for interment in St Paul’s Cathedral, and arrived at the Yorkshire Stingo, New Road, at one where the company assembled. The procession was as follows:- The Undertaker, Two Conductors on Horseback, State Horse, Coronet, and Cushion, Two Conductors on Horseback. Six Horsemen in Cloaks. Hearse and Six Horses, decorated with Escutcheons, Feathers,and Velvets The Coffin, covered with rich black velvet, richly chased, and gilt furniture, and brass inscription. His Lordship’s arms: ALEXANDER WEDDERBURNE, Earl of Rosslyn, Baron Loughborough, Born 13th February 1733–Died 2d January 1805. Ten pages on foot, with silk-bands and truncheons. Five mourning coaches, drawn by six horses, with feathers, velvets and escutcheons; two Pages attending each coach, with silk hatbands and wands. The first and second coach contained the Pall-bearers; third coach, the two Chief Mourners, Sir James St Clair Erskine, Bart. and Mr John Erskine; fourth coach, Messrs. Wrottesley, Coates, and Newbolt; fifth his domestics.—His Lordship’s two carriages followed empty, as did Sir James’s and those of two other friends. The cavalcade arrived at St Paul’s at half past three, where they were met by a Prebendary of the Cathedral, and conducted to the Chapel, where the Lessons were read. The body was taken into the vault, and there set on trussels until his vault is finished. The company remained above till the remainder of the burial service was concluded.

Elizabeth (Clack >) Honywood

The Monthly Magazine, Or, British Register | June 1 1803 | Provincial Occurrences, Devonshire | At Alphington House, near Exeter, Mrs. E. Honeywood, relict of the late W. Honeywood, esq. of Malling Abbey in Kent, and mother of the Present Sir John Honeywood, bart.

Frances (Courtenay >) Wrottesley

Annual Register 1828 | Deaths (February 24) | At Oaken, near Wolverhampton, in her 80th year, the hon. Frances, relict of major-gen. sir John Wrottesley, bart. M. P. for county Stafford; eldest sister to the dowager countess Rosslyn, and aunt to visc. Courtenay, the late lady Charles Somerset, the countess of Lisbon, lady Geo.Thynne, the countess of Mountnorris, the late lady Robert Somerset, &c. She was the third daughter of William first viscount Courtenay, by lady Frances Finch, daughter of the second earl of Aylesford. Her ladyship was a maid of honour to Queen Charlotte, and was married to sir John Wrottesley, June 7, 1770, who died in 1787, and by whom she had the present bart. four other sons, and four daughters.


  • Annabella (Honywood >) Dobyns Yate | Gentleman’s Magazine May 1808 | OBITUARY, Gloucestershire | 13 April 1808 | At the Rectory-house, Bromesberrow, co. Gloucester, aged 53, Annabella Christiana, widow of Robert Gorges Dobyns Yate, esq. She was only sister to the late Sir John Honywood, bart. M. P. for Canterbury and to William H. esq. M. P. for the county of Kent.
  • Charles Harcourt Palmer | Gentleman’s Magazine July 1838 | OBITUARY | SIR C. H. PALMER, BART. | Lately. Aged 78, Sir Charles Harcourt Palmer, Bart, of Dorney Court, Buckinghamshire. One of the oldest titles of the baronetage has become extinct by the death of this gentleman. It was conferred by the Founder of the Order, King James the First, in 1621, on Sir Thomas Palmer, who had been knighted in the expedition to Cadiz; he was seated at Wingham in Kent, and was descended from an ancient family which had long flourished in that county and Sussex. The elder branch of the family terminated in heiresses, on the death of the fourth Baronet, in 1723; viz. Mary, married first to Sir Brook Bridges, and secondly to the Hon. Charles Feilding; Elizabeth, married to the Hon. Edward Finch Hatton; and Mary, married to Daniel Earl of Winchelsea. The title then devolved on Sir Charles Palmer, great-grandson of Sir James Palmer, Knt. (third son of the first Baronet,) by his wife Martha, dau. and heiress of Sir William Garrard, of Dorney Court. Sir Charles married Anne daughter of Richard Harcourt, esq. by Elizabeth half-sister to Simon first Lord Harcourt, whence the late Baronet (their grandson) derived that name. Sir Charles Harcourt Palmer was the only son of Charles Palmer, esq. an officer in the East India Company’s service, (only surviving son of Sir Charles,) by Sarah, daughter of Thomas Clack, esq. of Wallingford, and sister to Frances Viscountess Courtenay. Sir Charles succeeded his grandfather in the title Nov. 8, 1773. He has died without legitimate issue, but has left three sons born out of wedlock, between whom he has left a large property, the accumulations resulting from an unostentatious style of life.
  • Charles Locke | Limerick Chronicle 26 February 1800 | A few days ago, died in Bath, (England) sincerely lamented, Charles Locke, Esq: Captain of the Inspector sloop of war, third son to the late Rev. Thomas Locke, and brother to William Thomas Locke, of Newcastle, in this County, Esq.
  • Edward Robert Clack | Gentleman’s Magazine April 1855 | OBITUARY | DEATHS | 13 February 1855 | At Chudleigh, aged 69, Edward Robert Clack, esq. fifth son of the late Rev. Thomas Clack, Rector of Kenn and Moretonhampstead.
  • Henry Wrottesley | The Scots Magazine March 1825 | Register. – Deaths| 17 February | Henry Wrottesley, Esq. M.P. for Brackley.
  • John Honywood: see Brothers-in-law above
  • John Locke: see Brothers-in-law above
  • miss Locke | Walker’s Hibernian Magazine September 1786 | DEATHS for Aug. and Sept. | At Bristol, Miss Locke, daughter of the rev. Thomas Locke, of Newcastle.
  • Thomas Locke | Limerick Chronicle | 30 December 1846 | died 25 December 1846 at Newcastle in the 80th year of his age the Rev. Thomas Locke, for more than half a century Rector of the parishes of Newcastle, Mahoonagh and Monegay
    • Aphra Locke | Limerick Chronicle 16 October 1839 | DEATHS | On Monday evening, deeply and universally regretted, Aphra, the beloved wife of the Rev. Thomas Locke, of Newcastle, in this County. In recording the death of this pious and charitable lady, we may truly say with the inspired penman, ” Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.” For upwards of 40 years have her labours been incessant in relieving the wants of her fellow-creatures, and following the precepts of our Blessed Redeemer, in feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the sick, giving means to release the captive, and to bury the dead. All the respectable shops in the town of Newcastle upon the melancholy occasion of this good lady’s death.
      • for Thomas son of Aphra and Thomas, see below
  • William Thomas Locke | Limerick Chronicle 29 August 1817 | DEATHS | At the seat of his brother, at Newcastle, in this county, after a short illness, on Saturday last, Wm Thos. Locke, Esq. – To write the character of this gentleman, and to do justice to his virtues, would far, far exceed our limits, however, we hope, that the sincere though feeble offering at the shrine of departed worth, may not be unacceptable. – He was possessed of an enlightened and generous mind, a sensible and feeling heart, alive to friendship, virtue and honor – He was in all his duties as a man, a magistrate and a christian, exemplary. In the worst of times, he was intrepid in his public duty, upright, manly, intelligent, temperate and effective – He knew no distinction but between the good and the bad, the peacable and the unruly — he was venerated by the one and feared by the other – His decease may be looked on as a serious public loss, and a public calamity. – His wife has been deprived of the most affectionate husband – his children of the fondest parent – his acquaintance of the sincerest friend – the poor of a benevolent benefactor, and community of an honest and honourable member.
    • Anne Margaret Locke | Limerick Chronicle 5 September 1838 | DEATHS | At Cheriton, Kent, at a very advanced age, Anne Margaret relict of the late William Thomas Locke, Esq. formerly of the Castle, Newcastle, in this County.

Significant others

  • Alfred Furlong | Belfast Newsletter 9 April 1861| DEATHS | April 6, at his residence, 4, Wilton Terrace, Dublin, aged 69 years, Alfred Furlong, Esq., youngest son of the late Wm. Furlong, Esq., Solicitor, Dublin [father’s will proved 9 June 1838 – will made 1827 with address of Angier-street, Dublin; daughters & 3 sons: John Smith, William Croker, Alfred. William Croker Furlong of Nadrid co. Cork, died 17 January 1859 at his residence Leeson-street, Dublin in 71st year – Belfast Newsletter 20 Jan; also Limerick Chronicle 22 Jan – Limerick corporation solicitor]
  • George Smith | South Australian Register 13 July 1871 | DEATHS | Smith | On the 6th July, at his residence, Gumeracha, Mr. George Smith, aged 76 years, for many years Postmaster at Gumeracha.
  • Joseph Carnall | New Monthly Magazine 1 November 1818 | Provincial Occurrences, Devonshire | At Kenton, aged 96, Mr. Joseph Carnall. He lived 53 years in the service of the present and late Lord Viscount Courtenay, and rode post from Powderham Castle to Exeter every day (and frequently twice a-day) during the above period, without exciting an hour’s illness. In these repeated journeys he had travelled upwards of three hundred thousand miles, being more than twelve times the circumference of the whole earth.
  • Timothy Napleton | Gentleman’s Magazine February 1816 | DEATHS | Jan. 16. At Powderham Rectory, suddenly, aged 59, Rev. Timothy Napleton, rector of that parish and of North Bovey.


[mother Frances Cart, father, stepfather Francis Pigot, sister Frances, brother-in-law Edward Jefferies, wife Anne Clack, &c]


[mother Ann, father Thomas, sisters, brothers, wife Aphra Langford, sons Thomas &c]

  • Thomas Locke | Limerick Chronicle 28 June 1848 | died | copied below
  • Marianne Locke | Limerick Chronicle 15 December 1877 | died 12 December 1877 at 4 Florinda Place, North Circular Road, Dublin | widow of the late Thomas Lock, Esq. JP of Castleview, Newcastle West, Co Limerick | daughter of James D’Arcy Evans Esq. Knockaderry House , Co Limerick
  • Thomasina Jemima Locke | Limerick Chronicle 22 November 1854 | DEATHS | died 19 November 1854 of inflammation after whooping cough at 12, Merino crescent, Dublin | aged 6 years, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Locke. Esq. J.P. Castleview, county Limerick
  • John Locke | Limerick Chronicle 2 October 1888
  • Robert Locke | Limerick Chronicle 8 February 1860
  • mrs Anne Locke | Limerick Chronicle 29 December 1838
  • John Langford | 11 November 1857
  • mrs Langford widow 17 June 1801
  • Jane Langford daughter 3 June 1857
  • etc etc

Frances Jefferies | Limerick Chronicle 24 March 1783

DIED. Last Friday [21 March] […] relict of Edward Jefferies, Esq: […] and affectionate, a Mistress […] indulgent, discharging all the duties of […] that benevolence and mildness which ever distinguishes the amiable part of her sex; she bore a tedious illness with patience, and saw her approaching dissolution with that calmness and resignation, which Christianity never fails to inspire.

Thomas Locke | Limerick Chronicle 28 June 1848 | At Castleview, in this county, on the 25th inst. Thomas Courtenay, Esq. J P, eldest son of the late Rev Thomas Locke, after a short and painful illness, which he bore with Christian fortitude and patience. His loss will be severely felt in this county, and, especially, in that neighbourhood, which witnessed his daily labours in the cause of the suffering poor. His friends sorrow not, as those without hope – being assured that he is now “Resting in Jesus,” his own oft repeated expression during his illness.

William Ashe | Limerick Chronicle 29 June 1836

At Croagh, in this County, at a very advanced age, the Rev. William Ashe, the Venerable Prebendary of that parish. Few men possessed higher literary attainments, a clear recollection of which he retained to the last, – while the many Christian and social virtues which adorned his lengthened life will cause his memory to be long revered. He died trusting alone in the merits and mediation of his Blessed Redeemer.

V0041992 The dance of death: the genealogist. Coloured aquatint by T.


Thomas Rowlandson, coloured aquatints, 1816:

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